Software managers – the viable solution

We live in an age where the combination of a computer and the Internet is the closest thing to absolute freedom that the human civilization has ever experienced. The freedom and means to access information, the freedom to manipulate, use and redistribute that information is a dream come true for any idealist. It’s an intellectual utopia.

But when this dream is confronted with reality, the truth is that uncollared freedom is chaos; it’s anarchy. And this is true especially for a business, where people have, if not a designated role, than at least a well-defined purpose and responsibility within the company.

As such, driven by self-preservation, the IT world has taken several steps to regulate both the internet and the imagination-machine. At their core, these steps are meant to monitor, index and report activity in such a way that abuse and excess can be avoided.

These steps may seem to be intrusive or shackling, a digital Big Brother hanging over your shoulder when you try to work, but in truth the concept is viable.

A software application that indexes the content of a computer is a solution that can prevent an uncontrolled, unproductive workplace environment.

The reason why this works is because power does not reside in the hands of the observer. This isn’t a dictatorship. Power is shared between the software that monitors all of the company’s workstations and the person that analyzes this information and makes the actual decisions, be it the IT Manager or even the CEO. The software can receive certain rules to automate the process and operate without a need for constant supervision, but in the end, power is still in the hands of the user. Until Skynet awakens.